Tips for Storing Your Golf Cart During Off-Season

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Golf carts are versatile vehicles used in a variety of settings, from golf courses to gated communities. However, there comes a time—usually winter—when your golf cart might be left unused for an extended period. Properly storing your golf cart during the off-season is crucial for maintaining its longevity and performance. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some essential tips to keep your golf cart in tip-top shape, even when it’s not in use.

Battery Care

Fully Charge Before Storing: One of the most common mistakes is storing a golf cart with a depleted battery. Make sure to fully charge it before storage.

Disconnect and Clean: Disconnect the battery and clean the terminals using a wire brush to remove any corrosion.

Tire Maintenance

Inflate to Proper PSI: Ensure that the tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Elevate the Cart: If possible, elevate the golf cart off the ground to relieve pressure on the tires, preventing flat spots.

Cleaning and Covering

Deep Clean: Wash the exterior and vacuum the interior. Make sure the cart is dry to prevent mold and mildew.

Use a Cover: Invest in a high-quality cover to protect against dust, dirt, and moisture.

Fuel System

For gas carts, it’s advisable to:

Empty the Tank: An unused gas cart can develop gunk in the fuel system.

Add Stabilizer: Use a fuel stabilizer to prevent the remaining gasoline from deteriorating.

Check Brake System

Inspect Brakes: Check for worn-out brake pads and replace them if necessary.

Engage the Parking Brake: Store the cart with the parking brake disengaged to avoid putting stress on the brake system.

Keep it Indoor

If possible, store your golf cart in a garage or a covered area. This protects it from harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, or extreme heat.

Periodic Checks

Even when stored, make sure to check on your cart periodically. Recharge the battery and check tire pressure every month.


Proper off-season storage is critical for the longevity and optimal performance of your golf cart. A little bit of preparation and periodic maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your golf cart will be ready to roll as soon as the new season begins.

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