Safety Protocols for Children on Golf Carts

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Golf carts, once reserved for the exclusive precincts of lush green courses, have found their way into communities, campuses, resorts, and even some urban settings. As these vehicles become increasingly common, so does the presence of children either as passengers or curious onlookers. Ensuring their safety is paramount. This article delves into the essential safety protocols when it comes to children and golf carts.

The Allure of the Cart

For many children, the gentle hum, open design, and steady pace of a golf cart are intriguing. They’re not as intimidating as larger vehicles, and children often view them as oversized toys. However, the fun and charm can quickly turn dangerous if appropriate safety measures aren’t implemented.

Basic Protocols to Implement

Age Restrictions: While this varies based on jurisdictions and manufacturers’ recommendations, it’s commonly advised that only individuals 16 and older operate a golf cart. Even then, they should be adequately trained.

Harnessing and Seating: Children should always be seated while the cart is in motion. Install seat belts and ensure that kids use them at all times.

Maximum Occupancy: Adhere to the cart’s recommended passenger limit. Overloading can lead to instability and risk of rollovers.

No Standing: Ensure children remain seated and never allow them to stand, especially when the cart is in motion.

Safe Speed: While golf carts aren’t known for their speed, they can still cause harm. Always drive at a pace where sudden stops won’t result in passengers being thrown from the vehicle.

Educate & Inculcate: Discuss golf cart safety with children. Teach them the risks involved and ensure they understand the importance of adhering to safety measures.

Safety Enhancements for Carts with Children

Child Locks: Consider installing child locks, especially if the cart is frequently used in areas with children.

Rear-View Mirrors: Equip your golf cart with rear-view mirrors to keep an eye on child passengers and their activities.

Clear Markings: Use bright stickers or markings to indicate areas kids shouldn’t touch, like the cart’s battery compartment.

Audio Alerts: Consider installing a horn or bell that can be used to alert pedestrians or to warn children of an approaching cart.

What If a Child Wants to Drive?

As stated, most jurisdictions and manufacturers recommend an age limit for golf cart operation. However, in controlled environments and under supervision, allowing a child to steer while an adult controls the pedals might be an exciting experience for the young one. It’s also an excellent opportunity to instill safe driving habits.


The joys of riding in a golf cart can be a thrilling experience for children. However, ensuring their safety is crucial. By following stringent protocols and continuously reinforcing the importance of safety, the harmony between children and golf carts can indeed be a safe and enjoyable one.

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