Uniformed Five-Seater Open Commuter Vehicle

The uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicle is a specialized mode of transportation designed to cater to the needs of uniformed personnel, such as security personnel, law enforcement officers, or military personnel. These vehicles are specifically tailored to provide efficient and comfortable transportation for a limited number of passengers in uniform.

Additional information

Load Limit

5 peoples


3220*1500*1960mm (Includes police lights 2130mm)



Front And Rear Wheelbase


Vehicle Weight


Maximum Mileage

80-100 Kilometres

Charging Time

6-8 H

Maximum Climb


Combined Instrumentation

Full-size LCD digital multimedia display instrumentation with reversing camera as standard (LCD display, mileage, battery, voltage, current)

Police Lights

4 mode alarm with shouter


72V/25A, fully automatic charger


72V/300A, AC intelligent controller

AS Asynchronous Motors

72V/5KW, AC asynchronous inverter motor


72V/150AH, maintenance-free battery (optional lithium battery of the same configuration)


Rear-mounted, rear-wheel drive, speed ratio 1:12

Braking Systems

Dual circuit hydraulic brakes with front discs and rear drums + vacuum electronic power braking system, mechanical parking

Steering Systems

Electronic EPS power steering system

F/R Suspension

MacPherson suspension (12 coil springs + cartridge hydraulic damping); monocoque rear axle, flexible single longitudinal arm non-independent suspension


Vacuum tyre 185/70R13


All cars are painted with high grade automotive paint, computerised paint mixing and professional spraying equipment

Car Roof

ABS engineering plastic hardtop

Front Windscreen

Automotive safety glass


ABS Engineering Plastic Chair


Set of LED electronic advertising displays, installation included

Product Details:

The open design of the commuter vehicle allows for easy entry and exit, making it convenient for uniformed personnel who may be wearing specialized gear or carrying equipment. The absence of doors or the presence of sliding doors ensures quick and seamless access to the vehicle, promoting efficient embarkation and disembarkation.

With a seating capacity of five passengers, these vehicles offer an optimal balance between passenger capacity and maneuverability. The seating arrangement is designed to maximize space and comfort, with supportive seating and ample legroom for each passenger. This ensures a pleasant and comfortable commuting experience, especially during longer journeys or when traveling in uniform or with equipment.

The uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicles often come equipped with features that cater to the specific needs of uniformed personnel. These may include specially designed seats with added ergonomic support, secure storage compartments for equipment, and integrated communication systems for seamless coordination between passengers.

Additionally, these vehicles may incorporate safety features to ensure the well-being of the passengers. These can include roll bars or protective frames, seat belts for each seating position, and reinforced construction to withstand potential impacts. The vehicles may also be equipped with weather-resistant materials to provide protection against adverse weather conditions.

The open design of these vehicles not only offers practicality for uniformed personnel but also provides an enhanced sense of visibility and accessibility. It allows for better situational awareness and communication among passengers, facilitating teamwork and coordination. The open nature of the vehicle also allows for improved interaction with the surrounding environment, making it suitable for patrolling or surveillance tasks.

Moreover, the uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicles can be customized to meet the specific requirements and branding of different organizations. They can be outfitted with organization-specific decals, colors, or insignias, further enhancing their identity and promoting a sense of unity among the personnel.

In conclusion, the uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicle serves as a specialized transportation solution for uniformed personnel. With its open design, comfortable seating, and tailored features, it provides an efficient and reliable mode of transport for a limited number of passengers. Whether it’s for daily commuting or specific operational requirements, these vehicles offer a practical and customized solution for uniformed personnel on the move.

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