Uniformed Five-Seater Open Commuter Vehicle

The uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicle is a compact and efficient mode of transportation designed for short-distance travel, commuting, or urban mobility. These vehicles are characterized by their open design, accommodating up to five passengers in a comfortable and convenient manner.

Additional information

Load Limit

5 peoples


3220*1500*1960mm (Includes police lights 2130mm)

Front And Rear Wheelbase




Vehicle Weight


Maximum Speed

30-45 km/h

Charging Time

6-8 H

Maximum Climb


Product Details:

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Chargers 72V/25A, fully automatic charger Combined instrumentation Full size LCD digital multimedia display instrumentation with reversing influence as standard (LCD, mileage, battery, voltage, current)
Controllers 72V/300A, AC intelligent controller Warning lights 4 mode alarm with shouter
AC asynchronous motor 72V/7.5KW, AC asynchronous motor Battery 72V/150AH maintenance-free battery (optional lithium battery with same configuration)
Powertrain Rear drive, speed ratio 1:12 Braking system Front and rear drum double circuit hydraulic brakes + vacuum electronic power brakes, mechanical parking
F/R suspension MacPherson front axle; integral rear axle, flexible single longitudinal arm non-independent suspension Paints All cars are painted with high grade automotive paint, computerised paint mixing and professional spraying equipment
Car roof ABS engineering plastic hard top Frame + Body Full sheet metal high steel body, high quality carbon square tube steel welding, full frame electrophoresis treatment + rust-proof baking paint spraying Lights and signals: front LED headlights, turn signals, combined rear tail lights, electric horn and reversing buzzer (can be retrofitted with emergency lighting, six-tone promotional horn)
Front glass Automotive safety glass Seats (customised option) ABS engineering plastic chairs
Display LED electronic advertising display set, installation included / /

The five-seater open commuter vehicle is designed with practicality and efficiency in mind. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability through congested city streets and tight parking spaces. This makes it an ideal choice for urban environments where space is limited, and quick transportation is essential.

The open design of these vehicles provides a sense of freedom and connection with the surrounding environment. Passengers can enjoy fresh air, scenic views, and a unique perspective as they navigate through the city or commute to their destination. The open layout also enhances communication and interaction among passengers, creating a more sociable and engaging travel experience.

With a seating capacity of five passengers, these vehicles are suitable for smaller groups or individuals looking for an efficient and convenient mode of transportation. The seating arrangement is designed to maximize space and comfort, ensuring that each passenger has sufficient legroom and ergonomic seating for a pleasant commute.

The uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicle offers convenience and accessibility for passengers. Its low entry height and wide doors allow for easy boarding and disembarking, accommodating passengers of various ages and mobility levels. Some models may also feature additional amenities such as USB charging ports or storage compartments for personal belongings, enhancing the overall convenience and comfort of the commute.

Safety is a crucial aspect of the design of these vehicles. They are built with sturdy construction, utilizing advanced materials and safety features to ensure passenger protection. Seat belts are provided for each seating position, and the vehicles undergo rigorous testing and adhere to safety regulations to provide a secure and reliable commuting experience.

These open commuter vehicles are often utilized in various urban settings, such as corporate campuses, airports, or tourist areas, where efficient transportation is required within a limited area. They can be customized to reflect the branding or identity of the organization, featuring logos, colors, or decals that align with the company’s image or purpose.

In conclusion, the uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicle offers a practical and convenient mode of transportation for short-distance travel and urban mobility. With its compact size, open design, and passenger-centric features, this vehicle provides a comfortable and enjoyable commuting experience. Whether it’s navigating busy city streets, transporting employees within a corporate campus, or providing efficient transportation at tourist destinations, the uniformed five-seater open commuter vehicle offers a reliable, safe, and efficient solution for urban mobility needs.

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