Uniformed Five-Seater Open Cargo Patrol Car

The uniformed five-seater open cargo patrol car is a versatile and practical vehicle designed for efficient transportation of personnel and cargo in various industries and settings. With its open design and spacious cargo area, this vehicle is well-suited for patrol duties, security operations, or other tasks that require the transport of equipment, supplies, or personnel in a uniformed capacity.

Additional information


4100*1500*1960mm (includes police lights 2130mm)

Load Limit

5 peoples

Front And Rear Wheelbase




Vehicle Weight


Maximum Speed

30 KM/H Adjustable

Maximum Mileage

80-100 Kilometres

Charging Time

6-8 H

Maximum Climb


Cargo Box Dimensions

1200*1300*400 mm

Product Details:

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Chargers 72V/25A, fully automatic charger Combined instrumentation Full size LCD digital multimedia display instrumentation with reversing influence as standard (LCD, mileage, battery, voltage, current)
Controllers 72V/300A, AC intelligent controller Warning lights 4 mode alarm with shouter
AC asynchronous motor 72V/7.5KW, AC asynchronous motor Battery 72V/150AH maintenance-free battery (optional lithium battery with same configuration)
Powertrain Rear drive, speed ratio 1:12 Braking system Front and rear drum double circuit hydraulic brakes + vacuum electronic power brakes, mechanical parking
F/R suspension MacPherson front axle; integral rear axle, flexible single longitudinal arm non-independent suspension Paints All cars are painted with high grade automotive paint, computerised paint mixing and professional spraying equipment
Car roof ABS engineering plastic hard top Frame + Body Full sheet metal high steel body, high quality carbon square tube steel welding, full frame electrophoresis treatment + rust-proof baking paint spraying Lights and signals: front LED headlights, turn signals, combined rear tail lights, electric horn and reversing buzzer (can be retrofitted with emergency lighting, six-tone promotional horn)
Front glass Automotive safety glass Seats (customised option) ABS engineering plastic chairs
Tyres 185/70R13 vacuum tyre Upgrade configuration Reinforced steel crash bumpers front and rear, van with three openable doors

The five-seater open cargo patrol car offers a balance between passenger seating and cargo capacity. It can comfortably accommodate up to five occupants, including the driver and additional personnel, while still providing ample space in the cargo area for carrying essential equipment, tools, or supplies. This configuration allows for efficient multitasking, enabling the vehicle to serve both transportation and cargo-carrying needs.

The open design of these patrol cars offers versatility and easy access to both the passenger compartment and the cargo area. Passengers can enter and exit the vehicle with ease, and the open layout allows for quick loading and unloading of cargo items. This makes it highly suitable for industries such as security, law enforcement, or maintenance services, where quick response times and efficient operations are crucial.

The cargo area of the patrol car is designed to securely transport equipment or supplies. It may feature durable tie-down points or integrated storage solutions to keep cargo items organized and prevent shifting during transit. The cargo area can be customized to meet specific industry requirements, allowing for the installation of equipment racks, toolboxes, or other specialized storage solutions.

Safety and durability are paramount considerations in the design of uniformed five-seater open cargo patrol cars. They are built with robust construction, incorporating high-quality materials and reinforced features to withstand rigorous use in demanding environments. These vehicles often undergo specialized testing and adhere to industry-specific safety standards to ensure the protection of occupants and cargo.

The uniformed five-seater open cargo patrol cars can be customized to reflect the branding or identity of the organization utilizing them. They may feature logos, color schemes, or decals that align with the organization’s image or purpose, promoting a professional and cohesive appearance. Additionally, the vehicles can be equipped with communication systems, emergency lighting, or other specialized equipment based on the operational requirements of the industry or organization.

In conclusion, the uniformed five-seater open cargo patrol car provides a versatile and practical solution for efficient transportation of personnel and cargo in various industries. With its open design, spacious cargo area, and passenger seating capacity, this vehicle is well-suited for patrol duties, security operations, or tasks that require the simultaneous transport of personnel and equipment. Its durability, customization options, and safety features make it a reliable and effective choice for organizations looking to optimize their operations and enhance their uniformed transportation capabilities.

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