Uniformed Five-Seater Fire Patrol Car (2-8 Seats Available)

The uniformed five-seater fire patrol car, with a seating capacity of 2-8 seats, is a specialized vehicle designed for fire departments and emergency response teams. These vehicles play a crucial role in providing rapid assistance during fire incidents, performing fire inspections, and conducting fire patrols in various settings.

Additional information

Load Limit

5 peoples

Front And Rear Wheelbase




Vehicle Weight


Maximum Speed


Maximum Mileage


Charging Time

6-8 H

Maximum Climb


Product Details:

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Chargers 72V/25A, fully automatic charger Combined instrumentation Full size LCD digital multimedia display instrumentation with reversing influence as standard (LCD, mileage, battery, voltage, current)
Controllers 72V/300A, AC intelligent controller Warning lights 4 mode alarm with shouter
AC asynchronous motor 72V/5KW, AC asynchronous motor Battery 72V/150AH maintenance-free battery (optional lithium battery with same configuration)
Powertrain Rear drive, speed ratio 1:12 Braking system Front and rear drum double circuit hydraulic brakes + vacuum electronic power brakes, mechanical parking
F/R suspension MacPherson front axle; integral rear axle, flexible single longitudinal arm non-independent suspension Paints All cars are painted with high grade automotive paint, computerised paint mixing and professional spraying equipment
Car roof ABS engineering plastic hard top Frame + Body Full sheet metal high steel body, high quality carbon square tube steel welding, full frame electrophoresis treatment + rust-proof baking paint spraying Lights and signals: front LED headlights, turn signals, combined rear tail lights, electric horn and reversing buzzer (can be retrofitted with emergency lighting, six-tone promotional horn)
Front glass Automotive safety glass Seats (customised option) ABS engineering plastic chairs
Tyres 185/70R13 vacuum tyre Upgrade configuration LED electronic advertising display set, installation included, full sunshade set, safety belt with fitting
Powertrain Rear-mounted, rear-wheel drive, speed ratio 1:12 Steering system Electronic EPS power steering system
Fire fighting equipment accessories (1) 2 fire-fighting safety belts; (2) 2 pairs of fire-fighting boots; (3) 2 fire-fighting safety ropes; (4) 1 fire-fighting axe; (5) 2 fire-fighting disinfection faces; (6) 2 strong light torches waterproof and fall-proof; (7) 2 fire extinguishers (4KG); (8) 2 fire-fighting helmets; (9) 2 sets of fire-fighting combat suits; (10) 2 pairs of fire-fighting gloves. / /

The five-seater fire patrol car is tailored to meet the specific needs of firefighters and emergency personnel. With its compact size and maneuverability, it can navigate through narrow streets, crowded areas, and challenging terrains to quickly reach the scene of an incident. The vehicle’s design allows for efficient deployment of a small team while providing ample space for necessary firefighting equipment and tools.

The primary objective of a fire patrol car is to enhance response times and provide immediate assistance. Equipped with emergency lighting and sirens, these vehicles are readily identifiable on the road, allowing them to navigate through traffic and reach the incident site swiftly. The compact size enables easy parking and access to tight spaces, ensuring prompt arrival and efficient operations.

The fire patrol car’s interior is designed for the comfort and safety of the crew. The seating configuration can accommodate a range of 2-8 seats, depending on the specific vehicle model and customization options. The ergonomic seats and layout provide stability and comfort during transit, enabling firefighters to focus on their tasks.

These vehicles are equipped with specialized firefighting equipment and tools tailored to address different types of incidents. This can include portable fire extinguishers, medical kits, communication devices, thermal imaging cameras, and other necessary equipment. The design allows for easy access and storage of these items, ensuring rapid deployment when needed.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of uniformed fire patrol cars. They are built with reinforced frames, advanced braking systems, and stability control features to enhance vehicle handling and stability during emergency responses. Additionally, fire patrol cars may include additional safety features such as roll bars, airbag systems, and fire-resistant materials to protect occupants in hazardous situations.

The customization options for fire patrol cars cater to the specific requirements of fire departments. These vehicles can be branded with fire department logos, colors, and decals, creating a recognizable and professional appearance. Furthermore, they can be equipped with specialized features like integrated water tanks, hose reels, or equipment compartments to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

In conclusion, the uniformed five-seater fire patrol car is a vital asset for fire departments and emergency response teams. With their compact size, rapid response capabilities, and specialized firefighting equipment, these vehicles enable firefighters to swiftly reach incident sites, provide immediate assistance, and conduct fire inspections. By combining functionality, maneuverability, and safety features, these fire patrol cars play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and protection of communities.

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