Sightseeing Vintage Cars ( 8-11 seats available )

Sightseeing vintage cars with 8-11 seats available provide a unique and nostalgic experience for tourists and enthusiasts alike. These classic vehicles, often lovingly restored to their original glory, offer a charming and stylish way to explore scenic routes, landmarks, and tourist destinations.

Additional information



Load Limit

8-11 peoples




72V/5km AC asynchronous inverter motor

Maximum Speed


Maximum Climb


Charge Time




Braking Systems

Rear drive brakes, dual circuit hydraulic brakes with front discs and rear drums + vacuum electronic power braking system, parking brake

Steering Systems

Electronic power steering system


Independent MacPherson suspension at the front, non-independent suspension at the rear, integral rear axle, multi-plate spring steel


Cast wheel steel rim, vacuum wheel 165R70/13

Lighting And Signalling

Headlights, turn signals, combination rear tail lights, brake lights and reversing buzzer

Rear Display

LED High Definition Display

Product Details:

Vintage cars hold a special place in automotive history, showcasing the design, craftsmanship, and elegance of bygone eras. They often feature iconic body styles, such as convertibles, sedans, or even vintage buses, which have been meticulously preserved or restored to their original specifications. The sightseeing vintage cars with 8-11 seats available offer a larger capacity, making them suitable for group tours or family outings.

These vintage cars create a captivating atmosphere, transporting passengers back in time. The distinctive exteriors, adorned with classic curves, chrome accents, and retro detailing, turn heads and evoke a sense of nostalgia. The interiors are often just as captivating, boasting luxurious upholstery, polished wood paneling, and vintage-inspired accessories that exude elegance and charm.

Sightseeing vintage cars provide a leisurely and comfortable way to explore scenic routes and tourist attractions. The spacious seating arrangement of 8-11 seats ensures ample room for passengers to relax and enjoy the ride. Whether it’s a guided tour through a city’s historic district or a scenic drive along coastal roads, these vintage cars offer a unique perspective on the surroundings, allowing passengers to appreciate the sights in a memorable and distinctive way.

The availability of 8-11 seats in sightseeing vintage cars makes them ideal for group outings and special occasions. Families, friends, or even corporate groups can come together to enjoy a shared experience, creating lasting memories as they explore together. Whether it’s a wedding celebration, a group sightseeing tour, or a unique transportation option for special events, these vintage cars with larger seating capacity provide a charming and stylish alternative.

Furthermore, sightseeing vintage cars often come with knowledgeable drivers or guides who share historical anecdotes, interesting facts, and stories related to the places visited. This adds an educational and immersive element to the sightseeing experience, providing passengers with insights into the local culture, history, and landmarks.

In conclusion, sightseeing vintage cars with 8-11 seats available offer a captivating and nostalgic way to explore scenic routes and tourist destinations. With their classic designs, luxurious interiors, and larger seating capacity, these vintage cars provide a unique and memorable experience for group tours, special occasions, or simply a leisurely sightseeing adventure. Step into the past and enjoy the charm and elegance of these vintage vehicles while discovering the beauty of your chosen destination.

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