Open Type 23-Seater Electric Sightseeing Bus

The open type 23-seater electric sightseeing bus is a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly mode of transportation designed to provide a spacious and immersive touring experience. These buses combine the benefits of electric-powered operation with an open design, allowing passengers to enjoy panoramic views and embrace their surroundings while exploring various destinations and landmarks.

Additional information


6245*1800*2230 mm

Vehicle Weight


Maximum Speed

30 KM/H Adjustable


3630 mm

Maximum Mileage


Maximum Climb


Product Details:

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Lithium batteries Three-year guarantee Seating Foam-covered leather seats in the front seat Other vacuum forming bus seats Vertical arrangement
Logger Car recorder, reversing camera, Monitoring equipment Car body FRP housing with high strength aluminium skeleton
Electric control 96V AC system 500A Dashboard Vacuum forming dashboard, polyurethane steering wheel, USB mobile power
Motors 11KW AC motor Audio Multimedia Players
Battery 96V240AH LiFePO4 battery Frame High strength steel structural components (electrophoretic anti-corrosion treated skeleton)
Chargers Car computer intelligent control Rear view mirror One manual type outside rear view mirror on each side
Charging time 8h Lighting and signalling High/low beam, front and rear steering, brake lights, reversing lights, reversing beep, electric horn,High level turn signal, high level brake
Powertrain Stepless speed control system F/R suspension Independent front axle suspension, coil spring + cartridge hydraulic damping; rear axle integrated and enlarged with main reduction and differential, steel plate spring suspension, cartridge hydraulic damping
Braking system Front and rear drum double circuit hydraulic brakes + vacuum electronic power brakes, mechanical parking braking distance Initial speed 20km ≤4.0m
Tyres 185R14C vacuum tyre Central Console Car dashboard
Min. ground clearance 150mm Min. turning radius 8000mm

Powered by electric motors and advanced battery technology, these sightseeing buses offer a sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles. By eliminating emissions and reducing noise pollution, they contribute to cleaner air quality and a greener future. This makes them an eco-conscious transportation option that aligns with sustainable practices and supports the preservation of natural environments.

The open design of these buses provides an unobstructed view and a sense of freedom for passengers. With no roof or retractable canopy, passengers can fully immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of their surroundings, whether it’s a bustling cityscape, a scenic coastline, or a picturesque landscape. This open-air experience enhances the overall enjoyment and creates a unique connection between passengers and the destination.

With a seating capacity of 23 passengers, these sightseeing buses are designed to accommodate medium-sized groups. The seating arrangement ensures comfort and ample space for each passenger, with cushioned seats and sufficient legroom. The buses may feature additional amenities such as overhead storage compartments, cup holders, or charging ports to enhance passenger convenience and comfort during the journey.

Open type 23-seater electric sightseeing buses are equipped with features and technologies that prioritize passenger comfort and enjoyment. These can include air conditioning or heating systems to maintain a pleasant interior climate regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, audio systems may provide informative commentary or entertaining content, enriching the sightseeing experience and providing valuable insights about the attractions along the route.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of these sightseeing buses. They are built with robust construction and adhere to stringent safety regulations to ensure passenger well-being. These buses feature seat belts for each seating position, secure handrails for stability, and advanced braking systems for a safe and smooth ride. They also undergo rigorous testing and inspection to guarantee their reliability and adherence to safety standards.

The open type 23-seater electric sightseeing buses offer versatility and flexibility in terms of route choices and destination options. They are designed to navigate various terrains and road conditions, providing access to a wide range of locations and attractions. This versatility allows for both urban exploration and off-road adventures, catering to the diverse interests of passengers and the preferences of tour operators.

In conclusion, the open type 23-seater electric sightseeing bus provides a spacious and eco-friendly touring experience. With its electric-powered operation, open design, and passenger-centric features, this type of bus offers a unique and immersive way to explore destinations. Whether it’s city tours, coastal drives, or scenic routes, the open type 23-seater electric sightseeing bus offers a reliable, safe, and enjoyable mode of transportation for an unforgettable sightseeing adventure.

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