Enclosed Electric Sightseeing Bus (11-17 Seats Available)

The enclosed electric sightseeing bus with 11-17 seats available is a modern and sustainable mode of transportation designed to provide a comfortable and immersive touring experience. These buses combine the benefits of electric-powered operation with an enclosed design, offering a climate-controlled and protected environment for passengers to enjoy sightseeing tours, city explorations, or group excursions.

Additional information



Charging Input Voltage


Load Limit

11~17 peoples

Vehicle Weight


Maximum Speed

30 KM/H Adjustable


2920~3720 mm

Maximum Mileage

80-100 Kilometres

Maximum Climb


Product Details:

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Lithium batteries Three-year guarantee Air conditioning 2 x 800w cooling and heating air conditioners
Logger Car recorder, reversing camera Seating Integral foam-covered leather seats
Electric control 72v AC system 400A Car body FRP + high strength aluminium alloy skeleton
Motors 7.5KW AC motor Dashboard Vacuum forming dashboard, polyurethane steering wheel, USB mobile power
Battery 72V Rabbit Maintenance 200Ah/12pcs Audio Multimedia Players
Chargers Car computer intelligent control Frame High strength steel structural components (electrophoretic anti-corrosion treated skeleton)
Steering systems Electronic power steering system Rear view mirror One manual type outside rear view mirror on each side
Powertrain Stepless speed control system Lighting and signalling High/low beam, front and rear steering, brake lights, reversing lights, reversing beep, electric horn
Braking system Front and rear drum double circuit hydraulic brakes + vacuum electronic power brakes, mechanical parking F/R suspension Independent front axle suspension, coil spring + cartridge hydraulic damping; rear axle integrated and enlarged with main reduction and differential, steel plate spring suspension, cartridge hydraulic damping
Tyres 165/70R13 vacuum tyres (rims with optional aluminium alloy) braking distance Initial speed 20km ≤4.0m
Min. ground clearance 150mm Min. turning radius 4500mm

Powered by electric motors and advanced battery technology, these sightseeing buses are environmentally friendly and produce zero tailpipe emissions. By utilizing clean energy, they contribute to reducing air pollution and minimizing their carbon footprint, making them a sustainable transportation option that aligns with eco-conscious practices.

The enclosed design of these buses provides several advantages for both passengers and operators. The enclosed space offers protection from external elements such as weather conditions, noise, and dust, ensuring a comfortable and uninterrupted touring experience. It allows passengers to enjoy the sights and attractions without distractions, while also providing a quieter environment for tour guides or onboard commentary systems.

With seating capacities ranging from 11 to 17 seats, these sightseeing buses are suitable for small to medium-sized groups. The seating arrangement is designed to provide comfort and ample space for each passenger, with ergonomic seats and sufficient legroom for a relaxed journey. Some models may offer additional amenities such as armrests, adjustable seating, or charging ports to enhance passenger comfort.

Enclosed electric sightseeing buses are equipped with features and amenities that enhance the overall touring experience. These can include air conditioning or heating systems to ensure a comfortable interior climate, large windows for unobstructed views of the surroundings, and audio systems that provide informative commentary or entertaining content during the tour. Some buses may even offer Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing passengers to stay connected while enjoying their sightseeing experience.

Safety is a top priority in the design of enclosed electric sightseeing buses. They are built with sturdy construction and meet safety regulations to ensure passenger well-being. These buses feature seat belts for each seating position, secure handrails for stability, and reliable braking systems to provide a safe and smooth ride. Additionally, they may include features such as emergency exits, fire suppression systems, or video surveillance for added security.

The versatility of these sightseeing buses allows for customization to meet the specific requirements and branding of tour operators or organizations. They can be customized with organization-specific logos, colors, or interior designs, promoting a sense of identity and creating a unique and memorable experience for passengers.

In conclusion, the enclosed electric sightseeing bus with 11-17 seats available offers a sustainable and comfortable touring experience. With their eco-friendly operation, enclosed design, and passenger-centric amenities, these buses provide a pleasant and immersive way to explore destinations. Whether it’s city tours, scenic routes, or cultural landmarks, the enclosed electric sightseeing bus offers a reliable, safe, and enjoyable mode of transportation for a truly memorable sightseeing experience.

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