Electric Mini-Train (11-17 Seats Available)

The Electric Mini-Train with 11-17 seats available is a charming and eco-friendly mode of transportation designed to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for passengers. This electric-powered train offers a fun and convenient way to navigate through various environments, such as amusement parks, tourist attractions, or large event venues, while accommodating a moderate number of passengers.

Additional information



Vehicle Weight


Maximum Speed


Maximum Mileage

80-100 Kilometres

Maximum Climb



1320/1270 mm

Load Limit

11~17 peoples

Minimum turning radius (m)

7.8 m

Small ground clearance (no load Full load)

130/127 mm

Braking distance


Product Details:

Project Parameters Project Parameters
Complete vehicle load 1190KG Battery Maintenance free, 200AH (20H rate capacity) 6V only, 12pcs
Controllers 72V/400A, AC intelligent controller AC asynchronous motor 72v/7.5KW AC asynchronous inverter motor
Charging time Less than 6-8 hours (80% discharge rate) Chargers On-board computerised charger, input voltage 220V/110V, output 72V, 30A
Front gear Car safety glass Seats PU seats (bus seats optional)
Mirrors One manual type outside rear view mirror on each side Car roof Automotive high quality ABS sheet
Flooring Non-slip patterned aluminium floor Steering system Bi-directional rack and pinion steering system with automatic gap compensation and electric power distribution
DC, lights and signals 72V/12-400H front lights, turn signals, rear tail lights, horn, reversing buzzer Bodywork Fiberglass front end with sheet metal body
Dashboard Integrated instrument panel, voltmeter, power meter, instrument indicator, electric barium switch, combination switch, speedometer Rear LED display Audio Car MP3 player, support SD card, U disk playback surround sound, 4 field filter
Braking System Electronic vacuum-assisted front disc and rear hub four-wheel hydraulic brake + handbrake parking. True air assist F/R suspension Independent suspension, coil springs + cartridge hydraulic damping; Integral rear axle, semi-independent suspension, leaf springs, cartridge-type hydraulic damping
Tyre diameter 165/70R13 Display /

The Electric Mini-Train is powered by an electric motor, making it an environmentally conscious choice compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. By utilizing clean energy, these trains produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to reduced carbon footprint and air pollution. This makes them an eco-friendly transportation option that aligns with sustainable practices and promotes a greener future.

With seating capacities ranging from 11 to 17 seats, the Electric Mini-Train can accommodate small to medium-sized groups. The seating arrangement is designed to provide comfort and enjoyment for passengers, with cushioned seats and ample legroom. Some models may even feature options for reclining seats or additional amenities to enhance the passenger experience.

The Electric Mini-Train is equipped with various features to ensure passenger safety and convenience. These can include safety belts for each seating position, secure handrails for stability, and reliable braking systems for a smooth and controlled ride. Additionally, the trains may have weatherproof features, such as roofs or canopies, to protect passengers from sun, rain, or other external elements during their journey.

These mini-trains are designed with aesthetics in mind, often incorporating vibrant colors, appealing designs, and decorative elements to create an eye-catching and enjoyable experience for passengers. Some trains may even feature themed designs or customization options to align with specific venues or events, adding a touch of excitement and uniqueness to the overall experience.

The Electric Mini-Train offers flexibility in terms of navigation and route choices. They can operate on various terrains, including paved surfaces or tracks, allowing them to navigate through different environments with ease. The trains are typically designed to be compact and maneuverable, enabling them to navigate tight spaces or crowded areas while maintaining passenger comfort and safety.

Moreover, the Electric Mini-Train provides a social and interactive experience for passengers. The open or semi-enclosed design of the train allows passengers to enjoy the surroundings and interact with each other during the ride. This makes it a popular choice for group outings, family entertainment, or guided tours, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences among passengers.

In conclusion, the Electric Mini-Train with 11-17 seats available offers a delightful and eco-friendly mode of transportation for various settings. With its electric-powered operation, comfortable seating, and safety features, this mini-train provides an enjoyable and sustainable transportation option. Whether it’s exploring amusement parks, tourist attractions, or large event venues, the Electric Mini-Train offers a memorable and engaging experience for passengers while promoting environmental responsibility.

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