Golf Carts in Filmmaking: A Convenient On-Set Vehicle

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When we think about filmmaking, our minds instantly jump to glamorous celebrities, awe-inspiring visuals, and groundbreaking stories. However, what often goes unnoticed are the logistics and equipment that keep the film set running smoothly. Amongst these, golf carts play a surprisingly important role. With their compact size, agility, and ease of customization, golf carts have evolved to become indispensable on a film set.

The Background Story

Originally designed to make a golfer’s life easier, the utility of golf carts has expanded dramatically. From airports to hotels and now film sets, these small vehicles have proven their worth in multiple scenarios.

Why Golf Carts?


Film sets are hectic places. Directors, producers, actors, and crew are always on the move. Golf carts enable rapid transit from one end of the set to another, saving valuable time and effort.


Golf carts are not just for transportation. They can be transformed into mini make-up stations, snack bars, equipment carriers, and more. Their versatility makes them invaluable on set.

Environmental Friendliness

Electric golf carts produce zero emissions and are an eco-friendly alternative to other gas-guzzling set vehicles.

Customization Options

Camera Rigs

Golf carts can be fitted with camera rigs for smooth tracking and dolly shots, offering a budget-friendly alternative to specialized film equipment.

Mobile Editing Suite

With some modifications, a golf cart can become a mobile editing suite, allowing directors to review footage instantly.

Talent Transport

Outfit a cart with comfortable seating, some shade, and refreshments, and you’ve got a perfect vehicle for transporting talent from the dressing room to the set.

Case Studies

Hollywood Studios

Major studios in Hollywood have entire fleets of custom-designed golf carts. These range from basic models for transporting crew to luxurious, air-conditioned versions for A-list celebrities.

Independent Filmmakers

Due to their affordability, golf carts are also popular among independent filmmakers. They are especially useful in remote locations where traditional vehicles may have difficulty navigating.

Safety Precautions

Like any vehicle, golf carts come with their own set of safety concerns. Here are some tips:

Always adhere to the speed limit set on the property.

Make sure carts are regularly maintained and inspected for any technical issues.

Ensure drivers are familiar with the controls and limitations of a golf cart.

The Future

As technology advances, we are seeing more ‘smart’ golf carts equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, and even self-driving capabilities. These features are likely to make them even more integral to film sets of the future.


Golf carts may not have the glitz and glamour associated with Hollywood, but they are the unsung heroes that keep a film set functional. From saving time to going green, the uses of golf carts in filmmaking are many, making them a staple in an industry where time is money and efficiency is everything.

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