Golf Carts for Tourists: Exploring Sightseeing in a New Way


The image of a golf cart often conjures up thoughts of pristine green courses and relaxed afternoons. However, these vehicles have expanded beyond their initial recreational purpose, making significant inroads into the tourism industry. As cities and popular tourist destinations search for eco-friendly and efficient ways to manage the influx of visitors, golf carts have emerged as an innovative solution. Let’s dive into how these vehicles are changing the face of sightseeing.

Benefits of Golf Carts in Touristic Settings

Eco-Friendly: Most golf carts are electric-powered, ensuring zero emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. For destinations keen on preserving their natural beauty, this is a crucial advantage.

Accessibility: Golf carts, due to their compact size, can navigate narrow lanes and paths, making them perfect for exploring historic city centers or secluded beach paths.

Enhanced Experience: Riding in an open cart provides an unobstructed 360-degree view, allowing tourists to immerse themselves fully in the surrounding beauty.

Cost-Efficient: Golf carts are relatively less expensive to maintain and operate compared to larger tour buses or cars.

Safety: Moving at slower speeds and designed for easy maneuverability, golf carts tend to be safer for short-distance tours.

Popular Destinations Embracing Golf Cart Tourism

Catalina Island, California: Known for its picturesque landscapes, the island limits the number of cars, making golf carts a popular choice for visitors to explore.

Key West, Florida: The compact and busy streets of Key West make golf carts an ideal mode of transport for sightseeing.

European Historical Centers: Many European towns with medieval centers have embraced golf carts to protect their heritage sites while allowing tourists to explore.

Customizing the Experience

Many tour operators are now offering customizable experiences:

Themed Tours: Whether it’s a historical tour, a culinary journey, or a nature trail, golf carts allow for specialized experiences.

Night Tours: Equipped with lights, golf carts can facilitate nighttime explorations, offering a different perspective of popular attractions.

Private vs. Group Tours: While group tours are common, there’s a rising demand for private golf cart tours, catering to tourists seeking a more intimate experience.

Challenges and Solutions

Weather Dependency: Being open, golf carts are subject to weather conditions. However, many operators now offer carts with temporary covers to shield against unexpected rains.

Limited Range: The battery life of a golf cart is limited. Solutions include setting up multiple charging points or using carts with extended battery life.

Regulations: Not all cities have regulations in place for golf cart operations. It’s essential for operators to work closely with local authorities to ensure safety and compliance.


The integration of golf carts into the tourism landscape signifies an industry continuously evolving to offer better experiences while being mindful of environmental impacts. As tourists seek unique and personalized experiences, golf carts will likely continue to play a pivotal role in reshaping sightseeing adventures.

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